Recycled Plain Orange 10mm Lanyards with Plastic J-Clip | Pack of 100

Product Description

Best Selling "Twist Free" Orange Plastic Clip Lanyards

These high-quality, flat-braid, woven orange recycled lanyards are both discreet and comfortable to wear. Made from recycled plastic bottles, with a variety of plain colours available, they provide an simple way for staff to display their ID cards, making them easily identifiable from a distance.

These 10mm lanyards are not only environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials, but they are also practical and convenient. Each one comes with a sturdy plastic J-Clip, making it simple to attach ID card holders or keys for easy access.

The wide plastic "twist free" clip for the lanyards, is designed to hold a ID card holder securely, to reduce the movement of the holder, which ensures that your ID card remains facing forward. They also are supplied with a safety breakaway as standard, to ensure that if the lanyard is pulled at, they breakaway from the persons neck easily

1cm (10mm) in width, and 90cm (900mm) long, which is the standard size for lanyards.

These lanyards are supplied in a pack of 100. Check out our ID card holder page to purchase your lanyards with card holders. 

Product Number: LY-OR

Recycled Plain Orange 10mm Lanyards with Plastic J-Clip | Pack of 100

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