High Definition (HD) ID Card Printers

When quality of product, is more important than budget. Our high definition retransfer card printers will give you the very best print quality and reliability, far superior than any other ID card printer on the market. Perfect for high volume printing in service bureaus or for high secure government identity projects, and modular/upgradable as your organisation grows and develops new technologies.

What is a high definition retransfer card printer?

A high definition retransfer ID card printer boasts the best in ID card printing and guarantees a superior ID card print finish. In addition, they are commonly 600dpi (learn more about ‘what is dpi’) and offer a range of Visual Security Elements (VSEs), this includes; microtext, holographic overlays and superior photo ID print quality.  We feature a couple of HD retransfer printers that are 300dpi (Matica XID 8300 and the Matica XID XL8300). These are suitable for ID cards not requiring additional security elements but requiring a quality print on varying ID card materials (PVC, Composite PVC, PET and ABS). Retransfer ID card printers offer some of the best High Definition print due to the print technology and method, as well as the ability to print over the edge. To learn more about why this is the case take a look at our edge-to-edge vs Over-the-edge product guide.

Which are the top HD retransfer card printers?

We feel the Matica XID 8 series and the Matica MC660 retransfer ID card printers are the best HD retransfer ID card printers on the market today. Matica’s retransfer printing technology delivers ID cards with sharp, vibrant colour images on a range of plastic surfaces including PVC, PC, ABS and PET, as well as ID cards with embedded smart technologies. Our top Matica HD retransfer card printers are the XID 8300,  XID 8600 and the MC660 for its endless features options and versatility.

However, we feel the Dascom DC-7600 is a close rival to the Matica Retransfer ID card printers. The Dascom DC-7600 boasts one of the largest input feeders and output stackers, as well as capable of printing 144 colour cards per hour and 90cph dual sided. This is why alongside the Matica MC660 we feel that Dascom DC-7600 is a great HD retransfer card printer for demanding and high volume print projects.

When would you use a HD retransfer ID card printer?

High Definition Retransfer ID card printers are often used for secure government ID card programs such as driving licences and national ID cards. This is largely due to the quality finish and enhanced visual security elements that HD retransfer card printers offer. In addition HD card printing is ideal for corporate cards, access control cards and campus/student cards.

Why choose cards-x?

  • Low prices across our range of ID card printers. 
  • A wide range of options to suit every card printer requirement.  
  • Outstanding after purchase support to get your ID card printer up and running. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to talk you through how we can help you get the best id card printer for you. Contact us today so that we can provide some no-obligation advice on your requirements.