Matica ID Card Laminators

Matica ID Card Lamination Modules can be used alongside Matica direct-to-card and retransfer printers to increase the cards durability, reduce the risk of fraud and maintain the integrity of personalised data.

Matica’s desktop card lamination printer range

Matica’s offers a range of card laminators that work as inline modules with their range of desktop printers;

  • The Matica MC-L integrates with the Matica MC660 Retransfer ID card printer or can be used as a standalone unit. The MC-L ID card laminator can laminate up to 2180 cards per hour and is controlled from Matica’s EDIsecure driver.
  • The Matica MC-L2 works inline with the MC310 direct-to-card ID card printer and can laminate both sides of the card in 20 seconds. Consistent with all Matica’s lamination modules the MC-L2 can be easily connected to the MC310 using a connection plinth, which also acts as a useful lockable storage unit for cards and cleaning kits.
  • The Matica ILM-LS/DS is a single or dual sided lamination module designed to integrate seamlessly with the XID8300 and XID8600. The ILM is one of the fastest ID card laminators on the market, capable of laminating an ID card in 16 seconds for single side ID card lamination.

How does ID card lamination enhance ID plastic card security?

Further to increasing durability (recorded as adding an additional 10 years life to the ID card) and reducing the risk of fraud and counterfeiting, lamination can be a great way to increase Visual Security Elements  (VSE) by using holographic laminate film. This is commonly used by governments when producing secure ID cards such as driving licences and national ID cards.

Matica offers a range of standard holographic designs in both patch laminate and continuous film formats. For those looking for something more unique organisations can create a customised holographic laminate with VSEs unique to them.

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