Matica Card Printer Cleaning Kits

To guarantee you continue to get the best from your Matica ID card printer and ensure its longevity, we recommend you clean your card printer with a Matica ID card printer cleaning kit after every 1,000 prints. As Matica’s VAD in the UK we offer Matica’s full range of ID card cleaning kits suitable for ID card printers and ID card laminators.

Why do I need to clean my Matica ID card printer?

Over time your Matica ID card printer gathers dust and dirt, both of which affect the print process and can impact the quality of your print finish. Matica recommends you clean your Matica ID card printer after every 1,000 prints to ensure you get the most from your ID card printer.

By regularly using the Matica chromXpert cleaning kits specific to your Matica ID card printer: MC DTC series, XID 8 and ILM series, MC660 and MC-L you can:

  • Remove any dirt or debris from long issuance cycles
  • Ensure the durability of your ID card printer and minimize downtime
  • Maintain card quality and guarantee consistent printing results

The Matica chromXpert cleaning kits are easy to use and provide all the necessary elements to clean and maintain your Matica desktop printer system.

How do I clean my Matica XID 8300 ID card printer?

Matica have created a short video showing you how to clean your XID 8300 ID card printer by using the chromXpert ID card printer cleaning kit. The video is a step-by-step guide demonstrating how to clean your XID 8300 safely.

Do I need to clean my Matica ID card lamination printer?

In short yes, for the same reason as the ID card printer. Dust and dirt build up and over time can affect the quality of the finished card. We offer a  range of swabs, cleaning cards, long cleaning t-cards and printhead cleaning pens.

Why choose Cards-X?

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