Javelin ID Card Printer

The Javelin desktop series from NBS Technologies is an all-in-one ID card solution with high quality print. All of Javelins ID printers are made to last with great print quality and plenty of features to keep you going. With ID card printers suitable for long print runs at CR-80 card size and boasting a small compact design, the Javelin is a great entry level printer.

Why choose the Javelin DNA Card Printer?

The Javelin DNA Series boasts a durable and reliable design making it an ideal solution for instant issuance applications. Furthermore, its manufacturers experience, NBS Technologies, in the financial issuance sector, means the innovative software and technology of the Javelin DNA make it an ideal fit for security, EMV applications, hardware, software and product training. Furthermore, in May 2022 NBS technologies were acquired by Matica technologies (experts in the financial and desktop printing sector), who are further building on the success of the Javelin DNA.

What are the best Javelin ID Card Printers?

Javelin DNA

The Javelin DNA is the starter printer for ID cards from NBS technologies with plenty of options and features available; Its manual feeding system with different print quality options and speeds, ensures you can find the right balance for you. The DNA also come with plenty of encoding options to help your cards become more secure after printing such as contact, contactless and mag stripe.

Javelin DNA Pro

The Javelin DNA Pro is the next step up in the Javelin range. It is an ideal ID card printer for when you want to start printing hundreds of ID cards in short spaces of time. With it’s automatic 100 input and output ID card hopper, all you have to do is input your print job, load the ID cards and the machine does the rest for you... running smoothly and silently. Similar to the DNA it includes many encoding options, however the DNA Pro also has a fantastic upgradable re-write option available.

All the DNA Series printers come with a wide range of upgrades such as Wifi, single or dual-sided printing, card re-write and encoding to name but a few.

Why choose Cards-X?

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