CardExchange® Visitor. Software for Visitor Management.

CardExchange® Visitor is an ideal visitor management software solution for those looking to register, authorize, manage and track visitors, while minimising security risk and offering a positive visitor experience.

Boasting an intuitive interface CardExchange® Visitor Software has a Microsoft look and feel, making it easy to use, identify and authorise visitors, produce an ID badge and track entry and exit of your visitors.

CardExchange® Visitor Management Software Features

CardExchange® Visitor comes in four editions: Enter, Standard, Business and Kiosk. All editions support a local licence activation; however the business and kiosk editions can be purchased either as a local licence or network licence.

CardExchange® visitor management software solution contains a number of features and below are just a few of what they can offer you.

CardExchange® Visitor Management Software Features:

  • Visitor Registration
  • Visitor Watchlist – Create an internal company watchlist or connect to a third party application to check the government criminal databases.
  • Evacuation Reports – Create an on demand emergency evacuation report of all individuals in the building
  • Sign Documents – CardExchange® Visitor comes with custom templates which give you the ability to print documents for signing
  • Event Management – Easily create and manage multiple events
  • KIOSK Application – Providing a fast and secure visitor check-in process by using an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

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