High Security ID Card Printers

Our wide range of high security ID card printers are available with the most cutting-edge security features. These include a variety of VSEs (visual security elements), such as watermarks, UV markings and multi-level laminate overlays. These sophisticated ID printers offer a high level of protection against forgery. They are therefore ideal for printing high security IDs and other important documentation.

When would I need a secure ID card Printer?

Secure ID cards are commonly used for government applications and instances where secure access and ID is required. Often those looking for secure ID cards require additional security features such as id card lamination to improve longevity of the card and reduce fraudulent copies being made, as well as offering the option for personalisation with unique holographic prints. Furthermore, microtext is popular and often used for checking authenticity (only visible through a lens). This is often only available through Retransfer ID card printers which boast 600dpi printing.

Does the material of the ID card determine the ID card printer to use?

Quite often those looking for secure ID cards use alternative materials to PVC (the most common material for plastic ID cards), polycarbonate being the most popular. However, PET and ABS are also used. Conversely, it needs to be noted that not all materials can be used on all ID card printers. PET, Polycarbonate and ABS are only compatible with retransfer printers and cannot be used on a Direct to Card (DTC) card printer. This is due to the print process and versatility of the plastic cards.

If you are looking to print on PVC, and this suits your requirements, the best value secure id card printer on the market is the Matica Technologies MC310 with the MC-L2 Laminator.

Best Value Secure ID card printer

If you are looking to print Secure PVC ID cards the Matica MC310 with the MC-L2 is an ideal secure card printer. Especially for those looking to achieve high security features with limited budgets.

The MC310 DTC printer integrates seamlessly with both lamination and laser options, making it ideal for secure ID projects and high volume issuance. Furthermore, the Matica Technologies chromXpert consumable program includes secure UV and Sc ribbon options. Available as a single side and Dual sided ID card printer the MC310 is a fantastic all round secure ID card printer.

The Fastest and Most Feature-Rich Secure ID Card Printer

The Matica MC660 with the Matica MC-L laminator is easy to use and offers high performance printing and lamination on various card materials. Printing over the edge, with high quality 600dpi print,  the Matica MC660 retransfer card printer creates micro-text which, combined with the use of UV ribbon and the new chromXpert security ribbon (YMCKSc), increases the number of visual security elements (VSE) on the cards for higher security applications.

The input hopper, based on a cassette with a capacity of 250 cards, is located on the top of the printer for a user-friendly operation. The MC660 is notably fast with an output of over 170 cards per hour when printing colour single side. If you are looking for a secure id card printer to produce high quality secure ID cards the MC660 from Matica is an ideal solution for you.

Best Secure ID Card Printer for Reliability and Longevity

The Matica XID 8600 with the Matica ILM laminator is renowned for its reliability and durability. Especially for increased security printing demands with ambitious ID Card applications, such as National ID and driver licences.

With a print resolution of 600dpi, the Matica XID 8600 delivers crisp, quality text and imagery. With the capability to print down to a character of 1,3pt.

The Matica XID 8600 is often recognised as a top of the line secure id card printer and can be configured and customized for all kind of individual requirements. Offering a range of encoding options as well as in-line lamination when connected to the Matica ILM Laminator. The Matica XID 8600 is an ideal retransfer printer solution for secure ID card projects and offers additional security features such as the electronic lock, Kensington-lock and IPsec data encryption.

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