Dascom ID Card Printers

DASCOM offers a range of ID card printers from Direct-to-Card to Professional Retransfer ID printers. All DASCOM ID card printers are capable of printing long printing runs, with fast and quality results. Suitable for CR-80 plastic ID cards the DASCOM ID card printers are perfect for pupil and student ID cards and access authorisation solutions.

Why choose a DASCOM ID Card Printer?

DASCOM are known globally for their printing solutions; mobile printers, thermal printers and dot matrix printers. Their ID card printers are relatively new to the market but their passion for quality, reliability and durability remains paramount throughout the DASCOM ID card printer range. This expected quality has secured DASCOM as a go to brand for a number of well known, global organisations.

What are the most popular DASCOM ID card printers?

Our most popular DASCOM ID card printers include the brand new DASCOM DC-2300 also known as the ‘whisperer’. This versatile Direct-To-Card model offers superior print quality at an entry level price.

Another exceedingly popular printer is the DC-3300 which is a personal favourite of cards-x' for high volume 300 dpi direct-to-card printing. The DC-3300 is capable of holding 100 cards in its input feeder while turning around 220 cards per hour with full colour. 

DASCOM are best known for their exceptional retransfer printer. The DC-7600 is capable of 600dpi, dual sided retransfer printing.

The printer’s ability to print “over the edge” means you can be assured of the best quality print on your identity cards. A bolt on laminator and encoding options can also provide visual security elements for cards. This, along with its high-volume output, makes it a great option for service printing bureaus, governmental and financial organisations.

Why choose Cards-X?

Cards-x (UK) are proud to be a Distributor for DASCOM ID card printers and consumables. With stock held on site and technical knowledge of the DASCOM brand we are here to help all our customers.

Here’s a few more reasons why our customers and partners choose us:

  •    We offer free next day deliver for all spends over £250.
    •    The experienced cards-x team are on hand to provide expert printer advice.
    •    Our UK warehouse guarantees a swift fulfilment of thousands of products.
    •    We offer a range of printer and consumable bundles to give you all you need to get printing.

For more information about our DASCOM ID card printers please contact our friendly team.