CardPresso ID Card Print Solution Software

CardPresso is a world renowned ID Card Printing Software due to it being one of the very best at what it does. Here at cards-x you can pick up CardPresso software for yourself and your company to make printing ID Cards that much easier, with all its features built in and multiple activation levels CardPresso has everything you could want out of an ID Card printing software!  

Why choose CardPresso software? 

As Discussed in our Best ID Card Software blog CardPresso has something for everyone whether you are just starting out printing a few ID Cards or printing thousands through a big database. With CardPresso you are able to make a quick design on the go with the very simple but well-designed intuitive layout to make ID Card printing a breeze. CardPresso also integrates with many of your favourite ID card printers and printer brands such as Matica Technologies, so you know they are working perfectly with the software.  

What does each edition offer you? 

CardPresso XXS 

The XXS version of CardPresso is your introduction into CardPresso with the most vital features available like creating a design and printing and ID Card. With some other helpful features like Magnetic encoding support and barcodes 1D, this solution is great for anyone who wants to only print a few different designs.  

CardPresso XS  

The XS Version of CardPresso is the next version above XXS so this has all the feature you will know from XXS but with some very useful features added on. Some of the additional added features included in this version is the ability to now integrate your own .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database into CardPresso making your high-volume printing infinitely more streamlined.    

CardPresso XM  

The XM Version of CardPresso adds a number of useful tools for anyone printing with ID Card software. These tools include being able to now connect SQlite and adding support for 2D barcodes as well aa face crop tool used in conjunction with face recognition.  

CardPresso XL   

The XL version of CardPresso is the perfect option for any time you need encoding on your Printed ID Cards. The XL adds the option for RFID Contactless direct encoding, Smartcard direct encoding and internal and external RFID encoder support. Some of the are also great for increasing the security of your ID Card which include fingerprint acquisition and multi-layout card designs.  

CardPresso XXL   

The XXL version of CardPresso is a great edition for companies that need multiple users on one account to share across designs to print. This Version allows up to 16 PCs to have software access through the network. In addition to that the version also adds even more encoding options with MIFARE® DESFire® coding beefing up your ID Card security even more.  

Are there any trial versions of CardPresso software? 

CardPresso offers you a free ID Card Software version where you can use all the different levels of the software to play with to see which one would suit you. This free trial offers everything you could ask for to test however the CardPresso watermark will be over your print.   

What next? 

If you have finally found what software you need then you will also need an ID Printer next. So, see our Best ID Printers of 2023 Blog to help in your decision of what printer suits you. Alternatively see our page on all the ID printer brands we offer with our very own bundles including everything you need to start printing including CardPresso. Of our favourites are the Matica range of Direct-to-card Printers including the entry level MC110, the mid level MC210, and the professional level MC310. 

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Why choose cards-x? 

  • Low prices across our range of software solutions. 
  • A wide range of options to suit every software requirement.  
  • Outstanding after purchase support to get your software up and running. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to talk you through how we can help you get the best software solution for you. Contact us today so that we can provide some no-obligation advice on your requirements.