ID Card Holders

Keep your ID cards safe and secure with an ID card holder. We offer a huge range of ID badge holders including single-sided, dual-sided, enclosed, and flexible vinyl holders. We also stock a vast selection of colours and sizes, so you are sure to find the ideal plastic ID card holder for your needs. All our stock is made right here in the UK. We are world renowned for producing ID holder options that are fully biodegradable, antimicrobial, recyclable and even metal detectable.

Choosing an ID Card Holder

Single sided or double sided ID card holders? – Our double-sided ID card holders hold two cards securely, while our single sided ID card holders are made to fit one badge.

Landscape or portrait ID card holders? – We offer both in a huge range of colours and styles. The style and layout of your ID cards will determine which is the best solution for you.

Evohold ID Card Holders

Evohold ID badge holders are made in the UK and are available in a huge range of styles, including double and single sided, as well as portrait and landscape.

Evohold recyclable ID card holders – These badge holders are completely recyclable and can be disposed of with normal plastic recycling. Alternatively, you can return them to Cards-X, where they will be made into new products.

Evohold anti-microbial ID card holders – These ID card holders contain an additive called Biomaster, which prevents bacteria from surviving and growing on the plastic. They are also completely recyclable!

Evohold 100% biodegradable ID card holders – These badge holders are 100% biodegradable and completely recyclable. They include a natural additive that uses Anaerobic Digestion to break down the plastic once it is in an anaerobic environment such as a landfill. Only organic waste is left behind!

ID Card Holders for Specific Needs

Detectable ID card holders – These ID badge holders are for workplaces that require detectable materials, such as in food production. An ultra-fine stainless-steel powder is included in the production process, which makes these holders detectable by both x-ray and metal detectors.

Badge Prisons – Used in high-security environments, these security badge holders completely encase the card. Once sealed, they cannot be reopened, which protects the card from tampering.

Flexible ID card holders – These flexible ID card holders are great for events or displaying visitor passes in car windscreens and other windows. A wide range of sizes are available.

NHS ID card holder – Our NHS ID holders are perfect for holding an NHS ID card. Combine it with our NHS lanyards or reels.

Accessories for ID Card Holders

ID card clip holders – Many of our ID card holders can be used with either a lanyard or a clip. We also offer a badge holder with a Combi Clip attachment, which includes both a safety pin and a crocodile clip.

Retractable ID card holders – Combine any or our ID card holders with a retractable reel for security and convenience.

Lanyards and ID card holders – Need a lanyard or a clip for your ID card holder? We have plain coloured lanyards and printed lanyards for students, NHS staff, visitors, and more. Browse our full range of lanyards or browse our selection of clips and reels.