ID Card Size Guide

ID Card Size Guide

The world of printed ID cards comes with an almost overwhelming number of options. This is immediately apparent when it comes to the type of ID card. The ID card size is more significant than you think. The dimension of your ID card may be dictated by your ID printer, the card’s purpose and any required accessories.

At cards-x we offer a range of ID card dimensions to suit a variety of business and access control requirements. This can be anything from the credit card sized CR80 through to the CR100 which is mostly used for event passes.

What is the standard ID card size?

CR80 Card Size

A CR80 ID card size in cm is 5.4 x 8.6. This is the most common of all plastic ID cards. Its popularity means you can get a range of different variations, such as thickness, material (PVC, biodegradable, recycled, card, encoded etc) and colour.

A CR80 is the same size as your credit card and the most popular card for loyalty and membership cards, hotel key cards and security access cards. With it being the most popular it is compatible with a number of ID card printers.

Some of our most notable CR80 compatible printers are:

1. Matica MC110 (From £895 Exc VAT)

Matica’s entry level printer, the MC110 is a direct-to-card ID card printer with the same chassis as the MC310 and MC210 but offering a simplified print solution that is ideal for lower ID card print volumes. It is a great compact printer for most printing requirements.

2. Zebra ZC100 (From £650 Exc VAT)

Zebra ZC100

Is a great price for a single sided, direct to card printer. We also offer the Zebra ZC100 as a bundle meaning you can get everything you need to get off the ground – even your CR80 blank white cards!

3. Matica XID 8300 (Prices from £3,287.95 Exc VAT)

Matica XID 8300

The XID8300 is considered the work horse of the industry, as it just keeps on going, offering the best reliability and print quality for 300dpi retransfer printing. Available for single or dual sided printing it also has various other modular upgrades such as magnetic strip encoding, contact chip and contactless chip encoding. It also has an optional laminator, for those customers looking for additional visual security elements and features on their identity cards. Because of this, the XID 8300 would be our recommendation for any service printing bureaus, or for high volume printing environments. 

Since the CR80 is the most common id badge size, so we also offer a number of compatible ID badge holders. These come in landscape or portrait, single or dual sided, and are available with a range of unique features.

CR79 Card Size

While the CR80 is the most commonly used ID card size we do come across the CR79 ID card. 84mm x 52mm in dimension, we find it is commonly used for access control systems. This card isn’t compatible with a number of ID card printers, however the Zebra ZC100 mentioned earlier is. If you’d like to explore other printers please contact us for further information.

CR100 Card Size

The second most popular ID card size is the CR100 which is 67mm x 99mm. You will find the CR100 used in situations where details need to be clearly displayed. For example, at events, trade shows and concerts. As a leading accreditation partner, we are able to offer a range of solutions for the CR100 size card, from pre-printed options to alternative card options.

Something you will find common with most CR100 compatible card printers is that they require pre-printed cards. For example, the bulk of the card imagery is already printed but the personalisation takes place at the point of issuance.

However, if you are looking for a card printer to print a CR100 ID card size we recommend the CX ECP-CR100

With a starting price of £7,200.95 (Exc VAT) the ECP-CR100 event card printer prints CR80 format but on a CR100 card size format. The direct-to-card event printer is capable of printing 180 colour cards per hour and 1,400 monochrome cards per hour. In addition, the ECP-CR100 comes with the option to include an embedded encoding kit for RFID transponders, smart cards or magstripes. 

Oversized ID cards 

The oversized ID card is the post popular ID card for events; Measuring 88 x 140mm. Oversized ID cards require a specialist ID card printer, and as such there is limited availability to what is on the market. However, we recommend the below 3 printers.

1. CX ECP-XL (£7,650.95 (Exc VAT)


The CX ECP-XL is a direct-to-card printer designed specifically for ticketing and accreditation purposes. Printing at low sound levels and fast issuance capable of printing 180 full colour cards per hour, the ECP-XL enables issuance of large size badges in a matter of seconds. 

2. Matica XL 8300 (£5,550.95 Exc VAT)

The XL8300 is a fantastic retransfer printer that will ensure a high-quality finish. However, even though it’s designed to work with a CR100 ID card it will require pre-printed cards. See the diagram below demonstrating its print areas.

3. Zebra ZC10L (£5,431.00 Exc VAT)

Printing up to ID card sizes of 140 x 88 x 0.6 mm the ZC10L is a premium direct to card large format printer. Unlike many other printers, it can produce full, single-sided edge-to-edge colour printing in one step. Suitable for a range of card materials, this could be a great printer for you if you have the budget and are looking to keep everything inhouse.

Most printers accept a range of card sizes. This will need to be manually adjusted on the feeder of a card printer.

Need more advice?

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