ID Card Laminators

ID card lamination is becoming increasingly popular due to the longevity, durability and security it offers plastic ID cards. Our product guide on the benefits of laminating your ID card explains in a little more detail.

Below are our range of ID card laminators, some of which are compatible with our Matica, Entrust, Dascom and Evolis ID card Printers.

Choosing which ID card laminator is right for you can be daunting but we are here to help. Most of our plastic card laminators come as a module attachment and often the correct lamination module depends on the manufacturer of your ID card printer.

What is ID card lamination?

ID card lamination is the process of applying an additional foil on the top of the printed id card surface. This can be done on a single side or both. The choice of ID card laminator you require will be determined by which sides you require laminating.

Why should I laminate my ID Cards?

By laminating your ID cards you can give your card a more secure look and feel but furthermore you can protect printed information against:

  • Any mechanical impacts. i.e. scratches when using a magnetic stripe reader or contact chip card reader.
  • Other physical impacts, such as fading caused by high sunlight/UV exposure
  • Forgery attempts

How does ID card lamination work?

ID Card Laminator visual demonstration

As mentioned previously many ID card laminator machines are an additional module that work compatibly with your ID card printer. After your ID card has passed through the ID card printer the card will automatically be pushed into the connected lamination module.

From here the heated roller in the lamination module applies pressure onto the lamination film which secures its application to the Plastic ID card. The card will then be pushed out of the machine and ready to use.

What additional security features can ID Card Lamination offer?

Lamination itself offers increased security. However, you can have an embedded hologram within your laminate that provides an additional security feature. These can be designed uniquely for you or they can be a pre-determined design already originated by the manufacturer.

The holograms are often translucent and can only be seen in certain lights. Holographic lamination ribbon is often used for National ID cards, driving licences, access cards and use within governments and high security settings.

Why choose Cards-x? 

  • Low prices across our range of ID card lamination solutions. 
  • A wide range of options to suit every card printer requirement.  
  • Outstanding after purchase support to get your ID card printer and ID card laminator up and running. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to talk you through how we can help you get the best id card laminator for you. Contact us today so that we can provide some no-obligation advice on your requirements.