Speed Gate Turnstiles

As part of our access control turnstile range, Speed Gate Turnstiles are usually waist height and are designed to offer a medium security to entry points. Offering a clear barrier to entry but creating a balance between security and visitor management.

What is a speed gate?

Speed gates are often waist height and open in a variety of ways depending on the model you choose. Some swing open or closed and some retract. The most common speed gate is the swing gate. Often aesthetically pleasing in style, they are very modern solutions and boast a quick opening and closing time, to prevent tailgating.

Benefits of Speed Gate Turnstiles

Similar to many access control turnstiles, speed gates are a visual barrier against possible infiltration. The significant advantage of speed gates over other turnstiles is that they open and close very quickly, reducing the chance of tailgating.

Furthermore, speed gate turnstiles work alongside more access control systems, such as card readers, biometrics, intercoms or remote control. When compared to the more traditional turnstiles the speed gate turnstile is less restrictive when integrated with access control systems.

What safety features do speed gates offer?

When integrated with an access control system, speed gates provide management with clear visibility of employee presence and when used in an education setting can monitor student attendance and presence. Furthermore, in emergencies when access to the entrance or exit needs overriding you can lock your speed gate turnstile into an open position to allow free flow of access. Offering versatility depending on requirements.

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