What is our Biodegradable ID Card Holder, and how does the technology work?

What is our Biodegradable ID Card Holder, and how does the technology work?

cards-x is focused on providing our customers with environmentally friendly and sustainable ID options where possible. Recently we wrote a product guide on our range of Eco friendly ID card solutions, within this article we touched on our Evohold Biodegradable ID card holders and the process involved. However, we often have questions about the ID card holders and how this Biodegradable process works and the science behind it. This Product Guide discusses this process further and explains why our Evohold Biodegradable ID Card Holders are one of the most environmentally sustainable options on the market today.

Why do we use PVC?

PVC (plastic) is still one of the most widely used materials on the market today due to its durability and longevity… however this is also its biggest downfall! The sustainability of PVC comes into question when a PVC product becomes 'End of Life'; Often taking hundreds of years to break down and causing a number of environmental concerns and issues. Therefore, cards-x were keen to create an ID Card Holder which was sustainable and environmentally friendly. This led us to an additive which enables our Evohold ID Card holders to become 100% compostable!

What is the Science behind the Evohold Biodegradable ID Card Holders?

All materials will biodegrade over time and this includes plastic (PVC). However, the time in which it takes for plastic to degrade naturally is often called into question. Evohold’s biodegradable ID card holders include an additive which encourages the natural process of Anaerobic Digestion.

This process is not activated until the ID Card Holder is placed into a microbe rich, anaerobic environment; such as a landfill or compost bin. Therefore, the durability of the ID cardholder is the same as that of a PVC ID cardholder, until it is placed in this environment to encourage the activation of additive.

Once the Biodegradable ID card holder is placed in this oxygen free, microbe rich environment the microorganisms collectively work in stages to digest the matter. The carbon in the organic molecules is fully reduced to methane (CH4) and if desired can be captured and used as a form of Biogas (this however is the same amount of gas created by a piece of lettuce… per card holder!)

Biodegradable ID Card Holder Process

What makes our Biodegradable ID card holders so special is that no microplastics are left behind and the anaerobic process completely breaks down the matter, leaving only organic waste behind.

Why would you buy Biodegradable ID card holders?

A number of our customers are concerned about the environment and the long term effects of plastics and waste on the planet. By buying sustainable ID card holders you are sending a number of strong messages to the wider community and your customers. These include;

Long-term strategy for Corporate & Social Responsibility – A strong message that you are committed to improving overall sustainability.

Improved Brand Value and Reputation – Buying and supplying sustainable products is a great marketing tool and as such enhances your brand reputation.

Commitment to Meeting Procurement Expectations – The demand for environmentally sustainable products is forever growing and customers are seeking more choice when it comes to making environmentally sustainable choices.

The Science (in a nutshell) behind our Biodegradable Card Holder Additive

What is it?

  • The ID card holders are made of 95% carrier resin and 5% organic active ingredient
  • The additive works by opening up the polymer chain, creating a bio-film for the colonisation of microbes, which in turn increases biological activity to significantly boost the rate of biodegradation.
  • The additive is FDA approved*
  • Unlike the additive included in many ‘biodegradable’ ID card holders which just fractures the polymers leaving behind harmful microplastics, the Evohold Biodegradable ID card holders only leave behind organic waste (humus), methane and CO² (again the same three left behind if a lettuce leaf was left to biodegrade)
  • The additive does not affect the shelf life, use, appearance, performance and recyclability of the ID card holder. This anaerobic process is only activated once it enters the microbe rich anaerobic landfill environments.
*For more information on this please contact us

We appreciate that this article summarises the key points of our Biodegradable ID card Holders. However if you are interested in the science and the lab tests please contact us. We would be keen to help and share more facts and figures!

Why cards-x?

cards-x is committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. We recognise, and are conscious, that we work within an industry involved in plastic and we take seriously the responsibility that we have to educate and offer alternative products which are deemed more eco friendly , such as our Biodegradable Plastic Cards, and also Recyclable card holders and Biodegradable rigid ID card holders in which we manufacturer ourselves. For more information about any of the products mentioned in the article and our pledge to provide more sustainable products please don’t hesitate to contact our team.