Lanyards allow you to display your ID cards safely, securely and visible for all to easily identify. We offer a huge range of lanyards including plain lanyards, NHS lanyards and pre printed lanyards for staff, students and visitors. They are available in a large variety of colours and types, so you are sure to find the right lanyard for your needs.

Choosing a Lanyard Guide

Lanyard Width 

Our lanyards come in a variety of different widths including 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm. The wider the lanyard the easier it is to identify from a distance.

Metal or Plastic Clip Lanyards

We offer a large variety of different clips including our most popular 10mm plastic j-clip lanyards which are ideal for customers on a budget. We also have metal swivel j-clip and metal lobster clip lanyards which offer better longevity to justify the slightly higher price.

Printed or Plain Lanyards

We have various colours available in our plain and printed lanyards. Our student, staff, contractor and NHS lanyards are the best sellers of our printed range of lanyards, and black and blue are the most popular of the plain coloured lanyards, even though we have over 16 colours available, including pink and orange lanyards.

Safety Breakaway Lanyards

All of our stock lanyards comes as standard with a safety break away attachment, which enables the lanyard to easily come away from the persons neck without too much struggle.

Personalised Lanyards

Do you need your corporate colours or logo printed onto your lanyards, we offer personalised lanyards from a minimum order quantity of 100 and a short lead time. Call us on 0333 011 9992 or email us at for a sales quotation.

10mm Plain Lanyards

Choose from a variety of colours of 10mm plain lanyards which are available with a plastic clip, metal clip or even a yo-yo attachment for access control needs.

15mm Plain Lanyards

For those customers looking for a lanyard that is easier to be seen and identified from a distance. The extra 15mm lanyards are available pre printed or in plain colours.

Printed Lanyards

We have large variety of printed lanyards available for those customers wanting to distinguish between different levels of people onsite including, Staff, Visitor, Contractor, Student and even NHS staff lanyards for trusts.

Personalised Lanyards

If you need a specific colour, design or logo printed onto your lanyards then why not use our custom printed lanyards. Minimum order quantity from as little as 100, and price concessions for higher quantities available. Why not add a personal touch to your lanyard.

ID Card Holders for your lanyards

Every lanyard needs something for it to attach to and an ID card holder is usually the popular choice. Our open faced rigid ID card holders are made by us in the UK and we have 16 colours available in four different orientations including landscape and portrait. They are even available in Antimicrobial, Biodegradable, Recyclable and even metal detectable card holders.