ID Card Design & Printing Software

cards-x are experts in finding the right id card software solution for your needs, whether that be just a simple ID card design, or personalised ID cards fed by a complex database. The range of ID card software options is vast and finding the best ID card software for your needs might not be as simple as you’d hoped! Simply contact the cards-x team about what you require and we will find the best ID card software solution for you.


What types of ID card software do we offer? 

Static ID Card Software 

As discussed in our Top 3 Best ID Card Software blog some of the basic ID card software solutions on the market could meet your requirements. The static ID card software allows you to design an ID badge and print within minutes, without any hassle, making quick work of ID card production. This is the best ID card software for those not producing a wide variation of ID card layouts or requiring to change data fields. Ideal for instances such as loyalty ID cards. 

Database ID Card Software 

For companies looking to mass produce unique ID cards with different data fields but on the same design then these are the best ID card software solutions to explore. The second most popular ID card software solution is driven by the number of variable fields required and the data source. These by nature tend to be the more expensive ID card printing software solutions on the market but allow greater personalisation and security. With this solution you can create just one ID Card design with multiple variable fields which integrates with your data source to print.  

What is ID Card software used for? 

Company ID Cards – The most common use for ID card software is for the production of company ID cards. The level of ID card printer software you require will be determined by the amount of cards, frequency of print and the security capability required (does the card need encoding?) 

Membership Cards – Similar to company ID cards, membership ID cards can be produced with a static design or database driven. As such the level of ID card printer software required will be driven by the capability and data required from the card.  

Gift Cards – Custom designed gift cards are a great way to increase your brand awareness and provide an opportunity to widen your companies reach. Many often include a barcode, scratch off panel or magnetic stripe to enhance the card quality which can all be done through your chosen ID Card software and consumables 

Event Pass – Many of the free ID Card Software solutions on the market are only suitable for CR80 cards and as such ID card software for event passes will be driven by the size of ID card being used, required access (encoding) and backend delegate software being used (database source). With over 20 years experience in event accreditation and access solutions, cards-x have extensive knowledge about event passes and the technological solutions to accompany them. Therefore, we understand the complexities involved and would be more than happy to discuss further, please contact us. 

Hotel Key Cards – Commonly used in the hospitality industry ID card software can be used to design and encode a hotel ID key card. Ideal for the continued production and ease of usability, ID card software can be easily used by all team members with little difficulty. Furthermore, some ID card software solutions offer an up to date counter and unique encoding options. 

What id card software do we offer? 

CardPresso ID Card Software 

One of the most simple but efficient ID Card software solutions on the market, CardPresso is one of the market leaders in providing ‘install and go’ printing software, in which you can make an ID Card in minutes by using the simplistic but well-built ID card software. With lots of different options and editions available CardPresso is the software for you if you want the ease of in-house printing. 

BadgeMaker ID Card Software 

BadgeMaker ID Card Software is a very robust ID card software for companies that have a lot of data to manage and convert, therefore looking for a solution to make the printing process as smooth as possible. BadgeMaker allows you to keep all of your data in a spreadsheet and link it to a design of your choice, with many ways to add variable fields to your ID cards.  

CardExchange® ID Card Software

CardExchange® ID Card Software offers the broadest range of ID software solutions on the market today. Whether its ID Card Design and Print Production, display labelling design and printing or visitor management, CardExchange® ID Card Software has the right solution for you.

Are there any free ID Software Trials? 

Some ID Card software do offer free ID card software trials. CardPresso offers a free trial download of the software where you can use all the different levels of the software and see which is the best ID card software solution for you.    

Why choose cards-x? 

  • Low prices across our range of ID card software solutions. 
  • A wide range of options to suit every software requirement.  
  • Outstanding after purchase support to get your software up and running. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to talk you through how we can help you get the best id card software solution for you. Contact us today so that we can provide some no-obligation advice on your requirements.