Cards-x's Top 3 ID Card Software

Cards-x's Top 3 ID Card Software

ID Card Software enables users to capture individuals information and create unique ID cards simply and easily.

ID card printing software collates users data and has the capability to create id card formats such as barcoding, magnetic stripe, contactless and smart cards. We believe the below are the best id card software solutions on the market today and allow users to design and produce high quality ID cards for your business consistently.

1. CardPresso

CardPresso ID card software comes in 5 different editions, suitable for all ID card printers and available for Windows and Mac. CardPresso has a software solution to fulfil all customers needs.

CardPresso XXS (Price - £45.00 Exc VAT)

XXS ID card software is CardPresso’s introductory solution with basic features for ID card design and printing. XXS features predefined templates, signature acquisition, edit view for text data input, database view, barcodes 1D, WIA/TWAIN/DirectShow acquisition, magnetic encoding support, internal document database with photo connection, database table create & edit and browse/find records.

CardPresso XS (Price - £175.00 Exc VAT)

XS CardPresso ID card printing software includes all of the above but allows QR codes, document password protection, production mode and .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV and .TXT database connection.

CardPresso XM (Price - £249.50 Exc VAT)

XM includes everything in the XM version but adds Microsoft Windows access and SQLite connection, photo of the database, a FaceCrop tool for face recognition and 2D barcodes.

CardPresso XL (Price - £649.50 Exc VAT)

CardPresso XL is the ideal CardPresso id card software edition if you are looking for an encoding option (excluding Mifare DESFire) . XL adds ODBC connection, RFID contactless direct encoding, Smartcard direct encoding, Smartcard plugin, Internal and External RFID encoder support, Fingerprint acquisition, multi-layout card designs, auto-print and user allowances.

CardPresso XXL (Price - £1309.00 Exc VAT)

The XXL ID card software is ideal for businesses with multiuser requirements. The XXL ID card software allows up to 16 PCs with network licences to have ID Card printer software access. Furthermore, the XXL edition allows MIFARE® DESFire® coding and a web print server. For more information about how the Net Licence works please contact the team at cards-x.

Cardpresso ID Card Software

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2. BadgeMaker

Similar to CardPresso ID card software, BadgeMaker offers a complete and efficient application for design, data management and production of ID cards, access badges, invites, gift cards and food signs.

BadgeMaker PLAY (Price - £45.00 Exc VAT)

BadgeMaker’s introductory solution is available as a free ID card software solution for a limited time and ideal for those looking to produce a limited number of ID cards.


  • 3 card designs
  • 1 project
  • 25 data records
  • 5 prints per day


BadgeMaker START (Price - £95.00 Exc VAT)

Similar to BadgeMaker PLAY, BadgeMaker START is ideal for those looking to produce a limited number of ID cards but with an increased number of data records.


  • 3 card designs
  • 1 project
  • 201 data records
  • Includes all BadgeMaker BASE features (enquire for further information)
  • Print barcodes and encode magstripe cards


BadgeMaker BASE (Price - £495.00 Exc VAT)

Offering a considerable leap in capability when compared to that of the START, BadgeMaker BASE offers layout design, data management and card production on an unprecedented level.


  • Unlimited card designs
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited data records
  • Print barcodes and encode magstripe cards
  • Upgradable ad-ons possible (Take a look our BASE webpage for a list of these)


BadgeMaker PRO (Price - £995.00 Exc VAT)

Ideal for professional ID card producers BadgeMaker PRO has all of the features of BASE but with Connect and Encode. This allows users to create multiple database connections, ODBC compliant and combine data sources. Furthermore, encoding capability for MIFARE Classic, Plus and DESFire, CCI and XML standards are supported and included with this package.


  • Unlimited card designs
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited data records
  • All BadgeMaker BASE features
  • Includes Connect and Encode

3. CardExchange

CardExchange Producer software offers five different editions, in addition the Business and Enterprise editions come with the option for network licensing.

Card Exchange ID card software offers a range of features:

  • Endless database capabilities
  • Support for multiple devices
  • Card encoding
  • Advanced designer
  • Easy implementation
  • Design for a range of varying card sizes

CardExchange Producer Brochure - Access Here

CardExchange Producer GO (Price - £89.95 Exc VAT)

An easy-to-use ID card software for entry-level applications and available in a stand-alone licence. The Producer GO edition is only suitable for the production of CR80 Cards and limited to 5 card templates.

CardExchange Producer Premium (Price - £161.95 Exc VAT)

Suitable for all ID card sizes the Producer Premium edition offers an unlimited amount of ID card templates and unlimited data records, while providing you with the option to connect your own Microsoft Access Database, Microsoft Excel and CSV to the ID card software.

CardExchange Producer Professional (Price - £426.95 Exc VAT)

The most popular editions from CardExchange ID card software, the Professional edition has the ability to connect every card template to one leading database. Furthermore, Producer Professional supports connection to MS Access, MS Excel, CSV and Text DB, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, SQLite, PostgreSQL and ODBC.

CardExchange Producer Business Edition (Price - £569.95 Exc VAT)

If you are looking to work with any type of database, the CardExchange Business Edition is the best ID Card Software for you. Ideal for mid-high level businesses, high schools and universities Producer Business combines HR, Access Control, Library and any other type of application using a database. This allows data to be easily updated with CardExchange’s powerful push-and-pull functionality.

CardExchange Producer Enterprise Edition (Price - £999.95 Exc VAT)

If you are looking for a solution that allows special encoding of your cards then Producer enterprise is the best ID card software for you. Supporting the latest technology the easy to use step-by-step wizard simplifies the encoding of your cards.

In addition Producer Enterprise allows you to use Python Scripting language to customise parts of the software unique to your application. Making it the most versatile ID card software solution on the market.

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