Entrust Sigma DS3

The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-card printer is part of the Entrust Sigma Series ID Card Printer range. Unlike the other ID Card Printers in the range the Sigma DS3 comes with the option of an inline ID Card Lamination module or an inline Tactile Impression module.

What makes the Entrust Sigma DS3 ID Card Printer unique?

The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-card printer issues ID cards at superior speeds and like the Entrust Sigma DS2 offers inline magnetic stripe coding and an inline ID card lamination module. However, the Entrust Sigma DS3 ID Printer comes with the option of adding additional security features through the inline ID Card Lamination Module and the inline Tactile Impression module. 

The Entrust Sigma DS3 Card lamination module comes as either a single or dual side option.

The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-card Printer with Tactile Impresser Module adds a counterfeiting and tampering resistance measure that stands out. The flexible ID Card printing solution enables you to modify the ID card as you require and create not only smart card capabilities and security through lamination, but a tactile impression; increasing the ID Card security features. 

Printing on PETG ID Cards with the Entrust Sigma DS3

Often anyone looking to print on PETG ID cards will need to use a Retransfer ID Card Printer. The reason for this is due to the chemical composition of the plastic and the print process required for the colour to adhere. With the direct-to-card ID printing process the colour requires a pvc layer to fuse the colour and without this the print quality is often compromised.

However, unlike any other Direct-to-card ID Card Printers the Entrust Sigma Series comes with a range of Entrust Sigma consumables that makes it possible to print on PETG ID cards with a direct-to-card ID card printer. The protective top coat ensures the colour stays in place and as sharp as possible.

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