Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printers

The Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer delivers the fastest print speed and advanced printing options to create virtually any ID card design you like.  Capable of supporting nearly every encoding technology, the Zebra ZC350 can deliver every type of ID Card; from credit, debit, identity and access to loyalty, public transportation passes and more.

Zebra ZC300 vs ZC350 ID Card Printer

The Zebra ZC350 is part of the ZC300 Series. Fundamentally, the technology between the Zebra ZC300 and the Zebra ZC350 is the same… with the exception of the slightly faster Zebra ZC350 print speed. Allowing it to print up to 50 more monochrome dual-sided ID cards per hour and 25 more colour single-sided ID cards. The main reason why you would choose the Zebra ZC350 over the Zebra ZC300 is down to the Zebra ZC350 ribbons! The ZC350 comes with an extensive range of security ribbons and speciality ribbon choices for those looking for a more detailed finish and security features; such as overlays.

How easy is the Zebra ZC350 to use?

The Zebra ZC350 prides itself on its ease of use features such as its Plug-and-Play design means its ready to use straight out of the box. The other notable features include:

LED/LCD Interface – The clear display of the Zebra ZC350 means its easy to understand what your printer needs and how to perform and function. This includes paper Jam fixes, ribbon loading, PVC ID cards and more.

Fool-Proof Ribbon Changing – The new ribbon door latch unlocks and opens in one move, meanwhile the Zebra ZC350 ribbons have embedded chips so you always know when and how to change your ZC350 ribbons.

Revolutionary New Hopper Design – The saloon-style output doors means it's easier than ever to load and unload cards.

Multi-language Options – The Zebra ZC350 can support up to 10 different languages on the LCD display and in the driver.

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