Access Control Turnstiles

Turnstile access control is when a turnstile and gate is used to control entry and exit into, or out of, an area. Cards-x UK offer a range of turnstile gates with card readers, including, tripod turnstiles, gate turnstiles, speed gate turnstiles and full height turnstiles.

How does an Access Control Turnstile work?

Access Control Turnstiles provide a form of physical security barrier used to control access into, and out of, buildings. Access control turnstiles are fixed to the ground and act as a gate to prevent unauthorised access into a controlled space. Often operated electronically, turnstile gates are managed by sensors or readers which releases the locking mechanism to allow access.

What are the benefits of Turnstile Access Control?

Specialising in access control systems cards-x offer a range of readers, tags, tokens etc. With turnstile access control you are able to further improve the physical security of buildings by using turnstiles to control employee and visitor access.

So what benefit does turnstile access control offer?

  1. Improved security - Unlike doors access control turnstiles can limit the number of people who can enter or exit an area. Some turnstiles boast enhanced detection features notifying when tailgating, loitering and forced passage happens. This can then trigger an alarm and send a notification to security control.
  2. Access Control Integration - Access Control Turnstiles integrate easily with access control systems and many come with readers that detect barcodes, magnetic stripe, proximity cards and readers (NFC/RFID) or biometrics. Like many access control readers the turnstiles identify if the presented credentials is valid and if passage is allowed, and vice versa.
  3. Operational Flexibility - Turnstiles can operate in a single direct or bi-directionally. This enables two way access or single passage in one direction. Furthermore, management can decide to control when access can be granted and therefore lock the turnstiles down at night and weekends to limit access to certain areas.

Why choose cards-x?

cards-x (UK) works with some of the best Access Control System manufacturers in the industry and ensure that all our products meet our expected standard. If you would like any further information about any of our access control solutions please contact our friendly team.

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