What are the benefits of laminating your ID card?

What are the benefits of laminating your ID card?

There are many reasons why customers choose to laminate their ID cards once they have printed them, but the main reasons are to:

  1. Increase the life of your ID card
  2. Increase the ID cards durability
  3. Offer higher security features
  4. Ensure your ID card is tamper and/or forgery proof

 ID Card Specimen

By adding a lamination layer to your ID card, you can increase the ID cards life span by up to 10 years, as the additional layer protects the cards print against daily physical contact with items such as card readers, or exposure to UV/sunlight.

It is like adding a suit of armour to your ID card! By laminating your ID card you protect it from becoming vulnerable to forgery, or being tampered with. Even though ID card lamination already increases the security of your ID card some ID card issuers like to add additional security features when laminating their ID cards, this is often done using unique lamination ribbons called hologram ID ribbons.

Holograms are the most common ID card lamination security features we see on ID cards. This feature is often used for high level security ID cards, such as National ID cards, or Driving Licenses, but we are now seeing these high security features being added to ID cards in other markets; such as corporate and education, where security is key for the protection of employees, visitors and students.

The Print Process

Before laminating your ID card, you will need to first print and personalise it. Depending on the print quality and finish you require (300dpi or 600dpi, Edge-to-edge print or over the edge) this could be on a Direct-to-card ID Printer or a Retransfer ID Printer.

Once the card has been personalised, you then require another ID card printer called the laminator, this is used to add a lamination layer on top of the already personalised ID card. Below shows a picture of a retransfer ID Card printer with an ‘inline’ lamination module.

XID 8300 and ILM

Laminators are usually supplied in two ways:

  • Inline ID Card lamination – This means that it bolts onto the retransfer or direct-to-card printer you have used to personalised the ID card.
  • Standalone ID Card Lamination – This is as simple as it sounds, it does not need to be attached to the ID card printer, and can be used as stand-alone unit to laminate your printed ID card.

Many of the higher end, secure ID card printers come with an inline lamination module. Below are a few examples of the Top Secure ID Card Printers with Inline lamination modules.

  1. Matica MC310 and MC-L2 - The MC-L2 can be easily connected to the MC310 using a connection plinth, which also serves as a useful lockable storage unit for cards and cleaning kits. Easy to install and operate, the MC-L2 works inline to laminate cards at exceptional speeds, laminating both sides of the card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous dual-side lamination process.
  2. Entrust Sigma DS3 and CLM - The Entrust Sigma DS3 inline lamination module gives you the ability to create instant issued ID with an increase in speed, security as well as unrivalled long lasting durability. Connecting directly to the Entrust DS3 ID card printer allows you to create and laminate your ID cards in one streamlined system.
  3. Matica MC660 and MC-L – The MC-L laminator module is the ideal solution to enhance the durability and the security of cards printed on the MC660 retransfer card printer. Easy to install and operate, the MC-L can either work inline with the MC660, using the connection plinth supplied, or can be operated as a stand-alone unit.
  4. Matica XID Retransfer with the ILM Module - The ILM can be seamlessly combined with Matica’s XID 8300 and XID 8600 retransfer printers to create a seamless one card personalization solution. The ILM-LS model is for high speed single-sided lamination, while the robust ILM-DS takes care of dual-sided lamination requirements. The ILM is the fastest laminating module available on the market, with a speed of 16 seconds per card for single-sided and 30 seconds per card for dual-sided lamination.
  5. Entrust Sigma DS2 and SLM - The Entrust Sigma DS2 inline lamination module connects directly to the Entrust DS2 ID card printer allowing you to create and laminate your ID cards in one streamlined system. The Lamination module is available as a single or dual sided ID card laminator.
  6. Entrust CR805 and Inline Retransfer Lamination Module - The Entrust Artista® CR805 Retransfer Printer with inline Card Lamination Module connects seamlessly together and gives customers a complete, on-demand card-printing solution. Unlike other retransfer ID card printers the Artista CR805 uses pigment ink which allows it to print lifelike skin tones, doesn’t require the need of a primer panel, provides longer-lasting images resistant to UV fading. When combined with the Entrust unique retransfer film it can improve the ID cards durability by up to 50%.

 ID Card Printers with Inline Lamination module

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