Entrust Artista CR805 ID Card Lamination Module

The Entrust Artista CR805™ Card Printer with Inline Lamination module (CLM) was developed with enhancements to provide the best print-on-demand experience available in the market today. The Entrust CR805 ID card printer with CLM is a single system that encodes, prints and laminates in one pass and allows users to utilise a variety of new features.

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The CR805 card printer with CLM provides inline lamination and long-lasting durability with the DuraGard® 1 mil laminates, to extend the life of the ID card. Secure custom or generic holographic designs can be added at various levels for enhanced security. In addition, the tactile impression feature can be added, providing additional security and promoting the customer brand.

What are the latest features of the Entrust Artista CR805 Card Printer with Lamination Module?

The Entrust CR805 ID card printer boasts a variety of security and durability features that makes the CR805 ID card printer with card lamination module the most impressive on the market.

  • Tactile Impression - Entrust has a unique, patented tactile impression feature that is available as an option with the CR805 ID card printer with CLM. The tactile impression feature creates an impression on the ID card substrate, adding an additional opportunity for increased security and personalisation. The tactile impression process uses special technology and a unique die to create the impression, which differs from the embossing or indenting technology available today. When used with a patch laminate, it helps make the card tamper evident and provides an even higher level of security.
  • Modularity - The CR805 card printer with CLM Module can be added to existing CR805 simplex or duplex printers.
  • Debow System - Card aesthetics are very important to customers, and the new, patented debow feature in the CR805 card printer with CLM ensures the delivery of flatter cards. The cards printed on the CR805 card printer with CLM meet the latest ISO standards.
  • Lamination Station - The CR805 ID card printer with CLM comes standard with single sided lamination and optional dual-sided lamination capability. This provides the ability to apply two different types of laminates to the card.

What is the Tactile Impression Feature on the Entrust CR805 ID Card Printer with Card Lamination Module (CLM)?

Tactile Impression ID Card

The Tactile Impression feature on the Entrust CR805 is an affordable way to add branding to your program in select colours with a colour tactile ribbon. The colour tactile feature is very visible and an easily recognisable item on the ID card that enhances your branding while bringing a low level security feature to your ID cards. There are multiple colour tactile ribbons available: White, Black, Silver, Gold, Copper, & Clear.

The unique Tactile Impression Module is available as an option with the Entrust Artista CR805 card printer. There are two components to the tactile impression feature: the Tactile Impression Module (hardware) and the tactile impression die (supply). If a tactile impression feature is desired, then the Tactile Impression Module (TIM) should be ordered at the same time as the CR805 card printer.

The Impression module provides the option to purchase one of the generic tactile impression designs that are available, or the ability to create a unique, custom design specific for your ID card program.

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