Top ID Cards Printers of 2024

Top ID Cards Printers of 2024

Trying to find the Best ID card printer can be challenging, due to ID card printing taking many forms!

Our 2024 Top ID Card Printers list features everything from Entry-level ID Card Printers, to Accreditation ID Printers and High Security ID Printers. We explore printers with the latest technology, as well as the best features and value for money.

We appreciate that no one’s requirements are exactly the same, so we’ve rounded up our top printers into five key categories. This will make it even easier for you to find the right ID printer for your business.


Budget ID Printers – Need to source a card printer on a tight budget? Look no further than our top list of entry level models, which will deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

High Security ID Printers – Is the security of your ID cards a key requirement for your company? These sophisticated machines will best protect your cards and data against the risk of fraud.

High Volume ID Printers – These speedy printers are the best choice for organisations who frequently produce a large amount of ID cards.

Event and Accreditation Printers - Event and Accreditation Printers are designed specifically for printing ID cards larger than a CR80 format PVC card. This includes extended and oversized ID Badges and Passes.

Best 'All-Rounder' ID Card Printers- You can be assured that these cutting-edge printer models offer the very latest ID printing technology. Browse our top picks.

The Best Budget ID Card Printers

Entry level ID card printers are ideal card printers for those new to card issuance, looking to print relatively low volumes and require very few additional features. Entry level ID card printers are often some of the cheapest ID card printers on the market and are usually direct-to-card ID card printers.

Zebra ZC100

Price (Starting from):
£595.00 (Exc VAT)

Zebra ZC100

The Zebra ZC100 ID Card printer is one of the slimmest and easy to use single sided ID Card printers on the market. An ideal entry-level ID Printer for low volume print runs.

Key stats:

  • Direct-to-card single sided printer
  • Prints 150 colour cards / 700 monochrome cards per hour
  • USB, ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

Best features:

  • Ultra-slim design that fits anywhere
  • Easy to set up with no configuration required
  • Simple user interface makes printing a breeze

Matica MC110

Price (Starting from):
£995.00 (Exc VAT)

Matica MC110

The latest ID Card Printer from Matica Technologies; MC110 ID Printer, is the only ID printer in our shortlist that offers single or dual sided print, and is designed for simple, entry-level card issuance solutions.

Key stats:

  • Direct-to-card single and dual sided printer
  • Prints 150 colour cards / 700 monochrome cards per hour
  • USB connectivity

Best features:

  • Smart card encoding option
  • User friendly, ‘plug & print’ operation
  • Upgradable from single to Dual-sided
  • Re-writable capability as standard

Entrust Sigma DS1

Price (Starting from):
£1,108 (Exc VAT)

Entrust Sigma DS1

The Entrust Sigma DS1 is one of the more expensive ID Card Printers in this category but an ideal ID printer for those looking for a more robust entry level printer, with the option to print larger volumes of ID cards per hour and benefit from a range of security ribbons.

Key stats:

  • Direct-to-card single sided printer
  • Prints 175 colour cards per hour
  • USB connectivity

Best features:

  • Secure boot up and data encryption
  • Sleek design with variable light LED ring
  • Offers Eco friendly ID Ribbons that are PETG Friendly
  • 3-year warranty included as standard


    The Best High Security ID Card Printers

    Secure ID cards are commonly used for government applications and instances where secure access and ID is required. Often those looking for secure ID cards require additional security features such as ID card lamination to improve longevity of the card and reduce fraudulent copies being made, as well as offering the option for personalisation with unique holographic prints. Furthermore, microtext is popular and often used for checking authenticity (only visible through a lens). This is often only available through Retransfer ID card printers which boast 600dpi printing.

    Matica MC660

    Price (Starting from):
    £2,922.95 (Exc VAT)

    Matica Mc660

    The MC660 Retransfer ID Card Printer offers a number of secure printing options, including microtext, which combined with the use of UV or security (YMCKSc) ribbons or retransfer film with embedded holographic elements, increases the number of visual security elements (VSE) on the card.

    Key stats:

    • HD retransfer single sided card printer with built-in laminator
    • Premium 600 DPI print quality gives you the ability to print micro text
    • An industry leading retransfer printing speed of 170 cards per hour

    Best features:

    • Extra visual security with holographic watermarks and UV elements
    • Giant capacity with a 250-card input and output hopper, suitable for all card types
    • 3-year warranty and lifetime printer head warranty

    Matica LCP9600

    Price (Starting from):
    £49,595 (Exc VAT)

    The Matica LCP9660 is often used for decentralised issuance of secure citizen IDs, including driver’s licences. Combining high resolution retransfer printing with secure laser engraving, the LCP9660 delivers high security, full colour, quickly and easily in a single pass. Featuring two integrated modules the LCP9660 comprises of the MC660 and the MC-LX.

    Key stats:

    • High-definition duplex laser marking
    • High reliability
    • Up to 120 cards per hour

    Best features:

    • 10W fiber laser, MOPA technology
    • 600 x 600dpi dual-sided printing
    • Able to print invisible UV colours and visible colours simultaneously

    Zebra ZC350

    Price (Starting from):
    £903.95 (Exc VAT)

    The Zebra ZC350 boasts a number of advanced card features, including single or dual sided print and a wide selection of speciality ID Card ribbons that allow you to create special effects, enhanced card functionality and durability. The Zebra long life ID printer ribbon adds a highly durable protective layer for ID cards that will last for three to five years, along with the ability to embed a watermark that can only be seen when the card is tilted at an angle or under UV light, improving security. The ZC350 ID Card Printer also comes with a printer cover lock that prevents the theft of ID card stock and rejected ID cards. Ideal for more public-facing areas.

    Key stats:

    • Dual sided edge-to-edge card printer
    • Prints 150 colour cards and 500 monochrome cards per hour
    • 300 DPI print quality

    Best features:

    • Government grade encryption and visual security elements printing
    • A range of encoding options for contact, contactless and magnetic stripe cards
    • Supports speciality print ribbons for card effects such as colour shifting graphics

    Matica MC310

    Price (starting from):
    £1,395 (Exc VAT)

    Matica MC310

    The Matica MC310’s durability, versatility, and extensive feature set make it ideal for the most demanding, high- volume desktop applications such as access control, government ID, and healthcare identity cards. The MC310 integrates seamlessly with both lamination and laser options making it ideal for secure ID projects and high volume issuance. Furthermore, the Matica MC310 ID Card Printer comes with multiple secure card encoding options as well as being compatible with a range of ChromXpert consumables which includes secure Ultra Violet (UV) and pearlescent (Sc) ribbon options.

    Key stats:

    • Single sided direct to card ID printer with built-in UV and watermark technology
    • Prints 180 colour cards and 850 monochrome cards per hour
    • Use Matica YMCKSc security ribbons to print extra visual security elements

    Best features:

    • Easy integration with MC-L2 for enhanced security and card longevity
    • Easily upgrade to dual sided, WiFi connectivity and smart card encoding
    • The printer comes with a 4-year warranty as standard

    Matica XID8600 and ILM

    Price (starting from):
    Matica XID 8600 £5,232.95 (Exc VAT)
    Matica ILM £2,240.95 (Exc VAT)

    Matica XID8600 and ILM

    Key stats:

    • HD dual sided retransfer ID printer
    • Extremely high resolution 600 DPI print quality
    • Prints up to 120 cards per hour (single-sided)

    Best features:

    • Easily configurable for any module such as smart code encoding
    • Advanced security with electronic and Kensington locks and IPsec data encryption 
    • High resolution supports printing of micro text and other sophisticated graphics

    Matica MC-L Stand Alone Card Laminator

    Price (starting from):
    £2,427.95 (Exc VAT)

    Matica MC-L and MC-L2

    The MC-L laminator module is the ideal solution to enhance the durability and the security of cards printed on the MC660 retransfer card printer. The MC-L2 laminator module is the ideal solution to enhance the durability and the security of cards printed on the MC310 direct to card printer. Both are easy to install and operate, and work inline with the ID card printer to laminate ID cards at exceptional speeds, laminating both sides of the ID card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous dual-side lamination process. 

    Key stats:

    • Integrates seamlessly with the MC660 (MC-L) and the MC310 (MC-L2)
    • Single sided or dual sided laminator
    • Prints up to 180 cards per hour (single-sided)
    • Quick heating process laminates both sides of cards in less than 20 seconds

    Best features:

    • Provides an extra layer of security with holographic laminates
    • Physical security with Kensington lock and hopper locks
    • The lamination process extends the durability of ID cards

    Entrust Artista CR805

    Price (starting from):
    £2,522.95 (Exc VAT)

    Thanks to its unique retransfer pigment ink the Entrust Artista CR805 ID card printer creates lifelike skin tones and easier cards-to-cardholder authentication. Furthermore, the pigment ink resists UV fading, resulting in longer lasting images. In addition the integrated security features in every ID card printer ensures data is protected from threats.

    When integrated with the inline lamination module (CLM) the CR805 gives customers a complete, on-demand card-printing solution. Furthermore, the CLM comes with optional locks, the confidence in knowing data is encrypted and not stored in the ID card printer after printing is complete, as well as offering UV printing and additional features to ensure tampering and counterfeiting can’t occur.

    Key stats:

    • 600dpi pigment ink
    • 100 cards/hour single sided
    • 3 years warranty

    Best features:

    • Retransfer Pigment ink
    • Single/Dual-sided, over-the-edge printing
    • True Colour Print


      The Best High Volume ID Card Printers

        Matica XID 8300

        £3,287.95 (Exc VAT)

        Matica XID8300

        The Matica XID 8300 is a versatile, durable and reliable ID Card Printer with an established and renowned print engine. It’s retransfer printing technology offers consistent, crystal clear, over the edge ID card printing. The XID8300 can print on variable surfaces found on contactless/contact chip cards and on multiple materials including PC (polycarbonate), PET and ABS cards, in addition to PVC. Furthermore its high capacity ribbons (1000 images) means it is well suited to mid to high volume card issuance applications, including access control cards or student ID cards.

        Key stats:

        • Capacity to print 120 colour cards per hour
        • Matica’s best-selling retransfer ID printer
        • Print over the edge designs on plastic cards

        Best features:

        • Large 100 card output and 200 card input hoppers
        • Prints on a wide range of materials (including PVC, ABS, PET)
        • A 3-year warranty and lifetime print head warranty

          Zebra ZXP 7 Series

          Price (starting from):
          £1,753.95 (Exc VAT)


          zxp 7 series


          The ZXP Series 7 ID card printer features fast print speeds and can process up to three jobs at the same time (encoding, printing and laminating simultaneously), enabling fastest throughput. Ease of integration and low maintenance are ensured by the high-capacity media, ribbon and laminate rolls that are synchronised, plus ribbon loading and operation are made easy.

          Key stats:

          • Direct to card single sided ID card printer
          • Prints 300 colour and 1,375 monochrome cards per hour (single sided)
          • A 200 card input hopper, 100 card output hopper and 15 card reject hopper

          Best features:

          • Very fast print speeds with reduced wait time and improved productivity
          • USB and ethernet connectivity
          • Fitted with a Kensington physical lock slot


            The Best Event and Accreditation Printers

            CX ECP-XL

            From £4,995 (Exc VAT)

            The cards-x ECP XL offers flexibility for oversized cards. Easy to use, the ECP-XL is based on a reliable dye sublimation printer and features a Plug & Play driver for Windows and Mac, standard native USB, a convenient display and a two-year warranty. As well as printing at low sound levels, one of the ECP-XL Printers outstanding strengths is its fast printing speed; Up to 180 full colour cards per hour and 1,400 monochrome printed cards per hour. 

            Key stats:

            • Direct-to-card single sided printer (Dual side available)
            • Prints 180 colour cards per hour / 1400 monochrome cards per hour
            • USB and Ethernet (optional) connectivity

            Best features:

            • Prints cards from 88 x 110mm to 140mm
            • 300dpi Resolution
            • Windows and Mac iOS Compatible

            CX ECP-XT

            £1,650 (Exc VAT)

            The ECP-XT event card printer is the ideal solution for the professional design and creation of extra-long passes/tickets and vouchers for major sport or music events. Visitors can be equipped with useful extra-long tickets within a few seconds. Not only boasting the cheapest costs per print, the ECP-XT prints with low sound levels, fast printing speed; Up to 180 full colour cards per hour and 1,400 monochrome (K-Resin black) printed cards per hour. 

            Key stats:

            • 180 cards/hr
            • Windows and Mac iOS compatible
            • Large Capacity Up to 100 cards

            Best features:

            • Wide Ribbon Options
            • 300dpi Resolution
            • Contactless Encoding

            Zebra ZC10L

            £5,606.95 (Exc VAT)


            Zebra’s ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card ID printer that can produce full, edge-to-edge colour ID cards in one printing process. The ZC10L Event card printer produces large passes and event badges that are approximately 3.5in. x 5.5in. (88 mm x 140 mm)—making printed content and images easier to see and read.

            Key stats:

            • Prints large, oversized cards and badges
            • Direct to card print technology
            • Edge-to-edge printing

            Best features:

            • Rugged Design make its ideal for shipping and transportation
            • Prints 195 cards per hour in full colour
            • 200 card capacity feeder

            Matica XID XL 8300

            £5,550.95 (EX VAT)

            The Matica XID XL8300 retransfer ID card printer produces high quality, bespoke event badge printing on wide format plastic cards, widely used as access credentials in the event management industry. With outputs of up to 128 cards per hour in monochrome mode and up to 85 full colour cards per hour, the XL8300 can deliver even when event timelines are tight and deadlines are looming. Its compact desktop footprint makes enables event badges to be printed onsite and on demand.

            Key stats:
            • 300 x 300dpi colour retransfer printing 
            • Oversized card format: 124 x 85.6mm / 4.88" x 3.37"
            • Up to 85 colour cards per hour
            Best features:
            • Scalable design and compact footprint
            • Consistent print quality on multiple card surfaces/materials
            • Robust and durable print engine


            The Best 'All Rounder' ID Card Printers

              Zebra ZC300

              Prices (starting from):
              £1,341.95 (Exc VAT)

              The Zebra ZC300 is simple to use and compact. With a wide selection of security and connectivity options, its elegant design eliminates many pain points, making it one of the easiest ID Card Printers on the market. Ideal for Access ID Card, Membership ID cards and credit or debit cards, the ZC300 is a great compact printer.

              Key stats:

              • Large colour LED/LCD Display
              • Direct-to-card Printing
              • Sleek and slim design

              Best Features:

              • Comprehensive Ribbon Portfolio
              • Painless Plug-and-Play deployment
              • Single and Dual Side Print

              Matica MC210

              Price (starting from):
              £1,195.95 (Exc VAT)

              Matica MC210

              The Matica MC210 is one the best all-rounder ID card Printers on the market. The MC210 is a mid-range direct-to-card ID card printer built on a robust metal chassis. Coming with a host of features including re-write capability as standard, dual-side print as an upgrade option, as well as multiple encoding options, and the choice to integrate seamlessly with an inline laminator (MC-L2). With such a breadth of options the MC210 can scale up or down to meet any ID card printing needs. 

              Key stats:

              • Upgradable from single to dual-sided
              • Prints 180 colour cards per hour/ 1000 monochrome per hour
              • USB and Ethernet capability

              Best features:

              • Multiple encoding options
              • High Quality TruEdge 300dpi printing
              • 3 years warranty

              Entrust DS2

              Price (starting from):
              £1,051.95 (Exc VAT)

              The Entrust DS2 boasts an out of the box experience, with a simple to use printer dashboard, small design and unmatched security. The 300dpi, direct-to-card, ID card printer prints single and dual side, as well as being able to print up to 225 cards per hour. With Entrusts software in the cloud or on-premises, printing ID cards has never been easier.

              Key stats:

              • Intuitive Printer Dashboard
              • Encrypted customer data
              • Print anytime, anywhere with your mobile device

              Best features:

              • Lustre Printing Ribbon options for increased security
              • On-premise or cloud-hosted deployment
              • 3 years warranty

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