Matica XID 8 Series

The Matica XID 8 Series Retransfer ID card Printers are renowned for their reliability and longevity. Offering a range of inline encoding and lamination features the Matica XID 8 Series ID printers are an ideal ID card printer for printing durable and secure ID cards. The Matica XID 8 series ID card printers consist of The XID 8300, XID 8600 and the XL8300.


Entry level Retransfer Card printer - Matica XID 8300  

Ideal for mid to high volume secure ID cards, access control cards and student ID cards, the XID 8300 is a 300dpi ID card printer with a robust and reliable print engine.  

Capable of printing up to 120 plastic cards per hour, the XID 8300 is available as a single or dual sided printer and typical of retransfer printing and prints over-the-edge of plastic ID cards.  

If you are looking for a more secure ID card the XID 8 series is compatible with a range of Matica’s chromXpert secure ribbons such as UV security printing.  

Premium quality Retransfer ID card printer – Matica XID 8600 

Ideally suited for the most demanding print jobs, the Matica XID 8600 is a 600dpi printer offering exceptional high definition print, and offers a range of Visual Security Elements (VSE’s) such as microtext and covert UV printing.  

Commonly used for secure government ID card programs, due to its enhanced security features, the XID 8600 is often used for more demanding print programs and as such is compatible with large capacity ribbons (1000 images). Take a look at the compatible Matica chromXpert ribbons for the XID 8600. 

The XID 8600 can be customised according to a projects precise requirements. The XID 8600 comes with a mix of additional internal and external modules such as contactless chip encoders, magnetic stripe encoders, as well as inline lamination modules 

Oversized ID card printing – Matica XL8300 

The XL8300 is built using the XID print engine. Capable of printing CR100 event cards, single side, the XL8300 can print up to 85 colour cards per hour and offers additional security features such as contactless chip encoding and UV printing. 

Commonly used for concerts, sports events and by marketing agencies the XL8300’s small footprint and quality print makes the XL8300 a great Event card printer for printing onsite and on demand.  

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