Matica Laser Systems

Working as a system with the Matica MC660 and the MC-LX the LCP9660 (combined product name of the MC660 and MC-LX) delivers a highly secure, full colour, personalised card in a single pass.

Matica’s Desktop Laser Printer features a high performance desktop fiber laser designed for the most demanding government and financial applications. Desktop laser printers are often used for driving licences, resident permits and national ID cards.

How does Matica’s Desktop Laser Printer System work?

The complete Matica Laser System is built in 2 modules. Initially the Plastic ID card passes through the Matica MC660, 600dpi, retransfer printer. Capable of reproducing crisp images and vivid colours, it can also print microtext, combined with the use of UV or security (YMCKSc) ribbons. Ideal for producing increased visual security elements (VSE) on the plastic ID card.

Once the design has been transferred onto the plastic card the card is then passed through to the desktop laser printer module. (This module will already be attached prior to printing to create the complete system.) The 3rd generation Matica desktop laser is designed to manage the issuance of id cards including laser Visual Security Elements that make forgery and manipulation impossible.

Can I laminate my plastic ID card?

Once the plastic id card has passed through the retransfer and desktop laser printer (LCP9660) you can enhance the security features by attaching the Matica MC-L lamination module. The flexible/dual-sided ID card lamination module can print with either patch or continuous laminates, clear or with standard/custom laminates.

What makes the LCP9660 on of the best desktop laser printers?

Matica’s Secure Protected Image (MSPI™) is unique to Matica and is a ID laser personalisation technology that adds an extra security feature by combining colour picture personalisation (dye sublimation) with laser engraving on polycarbonate cards.

This feature allows customers to benefit from:

  • Deep level of security and protection against counterfeiting
  • Premium durability – More than 10 years lifetime
  • Best personalisation results due to the high resolution colour printer
  • Lowest cost per card on the market

Laser engraving features image    

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