Access Control Cards

Access control cards provide an easy and secure way to control access to buildings and certain zones or rooms. cards-x offer a wide range of access control cards compatible with most access control systems. Whether it is a simple magnetic stripe card or a high-security smart card with embedded chips, cards-x have what you are looking for. Our brands include: NXP (MIFARE), Paxton Access control, HID Access Control, Salto and many more.

What are the most popular Access Control Card types?

There are commonly two types of access control card types; contactless cards and magnetic stripe cards.

Contactless cards are often referred to as RFID cards and tend to be the most popular choice when it comes to access control cards.

Often the easiest and most durable out of the two access control card choices, contactless cards feature an internal microchip and antenna. When this is placed near to an access card reader the reader then grants or denies access dependant on the data that is stored in the microchip and transmitted to the antenna.

Contactless cards commonly come in two formats; Proximity cards and smart cards. Proximity cards hold less memory and therefore have limited functionality. However, a smart card is capable of holding more data and can be used for multiple roles such as access control, cashless vending and security restrictions.

Magnetic stripe cards need to be physically swiped or inserted into a compatible reader. This is done by the iron particles held in the stripe which become magnetised and include the card’s code data.

Featuring an older technology, magnetic stripe access cards tend to not be as popular and also prone to more damage due to the technology being on the outside of the card.

Magnetic stripe cards also come in two formats; Low-Coercivity (LoCo) and High-Coercivity (HiCo). Unlike the contactless cards this doesn’t indicate differing data storage capability but in fact the strength of the magnetic stripe encoding. A LoCo cards can be easily erased and therefore commonly used for short-term applications. A HiCo card has a stronger magnetic field and as such is better suited to long-term applications.

Can you get an Access Control Card featuring both magstripe and contactless?

Simply, yes! By offering both capabilities you can issue users with both and offer additional security. We sell Paxton Net 2 Proximity ISO cards with magstripe, a range of HID contactless cards with magstripe and NXP MIFARE.

Why choose cards-x?

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