Matica XID8600 Retransfer Card Printer | Dual Sided

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MaticaThis XID8600 is consider the industrys best print quality retransfer printer, and is considered the work horse of the industry, as it just keeps on going, offering the best reliability and print quality for 600dpi retransfer printing. 

600dpi offers our customers a finer quality of print, which improves the contrast of some colours, and allows you to print high definition designs, which have intricate lines or microtext included. 

Retransfer technology is highly recommended for all those customers printing onto chip cards. Due to the print technology of retransfer, the printers head never actually touches the card, ensuring that your chip remains in fully working order.

This premium retransfer printer technology, allows you to print "over the edge" designs onto your plastic card, to ensure you get the best quality print.

The XID8600 comes dual sided as standard, and also has various other modular upgrades such as magnetic strip encoding, contact chip and contactless chip encoding, and also optional laminator, for those customers looking for additional visual security elements and features on their identity card.

Ideal for any service printing bureaus, or for high volume printing environments.

Ultra-high resolution card printing with 600 dpi

The XID8600 printer is the high-end model of the proven 8xxx series from Matica.
The dominant feature of this version is the extremely high resolution of 600 dpi.

This extremely high resolution is perfect and increases security for demanding ID card applications such as National ID, security badges and the like.

Since most of these projects require individual printing on both sides of the card, the XID8600 comes with a turn module installed ex works.

Even on the difficult-to-print surfaces of chip cards, it achieves high error-free print quality, close to offset printing. The printer is ideally suited to meet your special requirements and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Click here to Download the XID8600 Datasheet.

Click Here to Download the XID8600 User Manual

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