HID Access Cards old

HID Cards are commonly used for access control but also an ideal solutions for cashless payments and ID systems. Compatible with most ID card printers, HID cards and HID Proximity Cards are ideal for most ID Card requirements.

Are all HID cards the same?

HID is a brand name and as such produces different types of HID cards under that name. Their proximity cards include RFID or NFC and low-range or high range.

What are the main HID card types?

The 5 main HID card types include:

iCLASS® Seos

  • These HID cards include four subgroups, compatible with a number of readers and classified accordingly. This high-security and SIO enabled HID Card is ideal for physical and logical access control, as well as multi-purpose uses.


  • If you are looking for a versatile ID card this could be for you. This HID card is ideal for organisations with a varied physical structure, climate and environments. Ideal for those with closed and open spaces.


  • This magnetic stripe card with a contact smart chip and PVC or composite body can be used on bother direct-to-card and retransfer ID card printers. Ideal for customers looking for a versatile ID card to work in multiple locations and on multiple technologies.


  • One of the most secure HID Access cards the HID Crescendo Series is available in six subtypes and commonly used in government settings. This is largely due to containing multiple standard-based technologies, ideal for those that own several passwords and PINS.

HID Proximity Cards

  • HID Proximity Cards are 125kHz and come in six subtypes. Ideal for those with onsite photo ID and ID management solutions.

What makes HID cards special?

HID cards are some of the most flexible and versatile ID cards on the market. Thanks to the multiple technologies that can be available on one HID card, HID Access Cards are often used in settings where they have a mix of newer, some more secure and also older access control systems. This can often be seen in Colleges, Universities, Office Buildings, Government Buildings and the NHS.

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