5 Best ID Card Printers for Accreditation

5 Best ID Card Printers for Accreditation

When it comes to oversized ID cards for event badge printing the choice of event and accreditation ID Card Printers isn’t extensive, when compared to CR80 ID card Printers. However, the ideal Accreditation Badge Printer is dependable on your event badge requirements. For more information about Oversized ID Cards and factors to consider when creating your Accreditation Badge take a look at our Event Badge Guide.

To simplify the best accreditation ID card printers on the market we have created this guide with our top 5 Event and Accreditation ID Card Printers based on event badge size and print technology. 

Best Retransfer Event Badge Printer

Matica XID XL8300

The Matica XID XL8300 is built on Matica’s established and reliable XID print engine. Capable of printing special format cards of 124 x 85.6mm, with a print area is 106 x 86mm.

The XL8300 offers the largest printable area for plastic cards on the market, furthermore, its retransfer print technology ensures that issuers are not bound to standard PVC cards, but can also opt for more durable and Eco-friendly card materials, such as ABS, PET and PET-G.

Matica’s XL8300 also boasts a number of features to help secure events. These include a contactless chip encoding option for sites with specialised security requirements, as well as UV printing that enables the printing of an invisible logo, text, or watermarks to protect badges against forgery.

Key Features:

  • 300 x 300dpi colour retransfer printing
  • Oversized card format: 124 x 85.6mm
  • Up to 128 Monochrome cards per hour
  • Up to 85 colour cards per hour
  • Options for inline contact chip and contactless smart card encoding
  • Optional UV security printing

Ideal For:

  • Corporate Events
  • Concerts
  • Sports Events

Best for Oversized Event and Accreditation Badges



Flexibility for oversized cards and the professional’s choice for ticketing and accreditation purposes.

The ECP-XL is based on a reliable dye sublimation printer and features Plug & Play. As well as printing at low sound levels, one of the ECP-XL Printers outstanding strengths is its fast printing speed; Up to 180 full colour cards per hour and 1,400 monochrome printed cards per hour.

Preprinted XXL-cards sized 88 x 124 mm or 88 x 140 mm can be personalised within a maximum printable area of 54,0 x 86,0 mm and with three selectable printing positions on the card.

In addition, by turning the card manually even a double print can be applicated. Furthermore, inline encoding of a contactless chip is possible. Visitors are issued convenient, large size badges in a matter of seconds.

Key Features:

  • 180 full colour cards/hour
  • 1,400 monochrome cards per hour
  • Easy to use
  • Contactless encoding options
  • Large capacity of up to 100 cards
  • 2 years warranty

Ideal For:

  • Ticketing and Accreditation
  • Instant Issuance Event Badge Printing

Best Edge to Edge Full Colour Event Badge Printer

Zebra ZC10L

The Zebra ZC10L is the only large format direct-to-card printer that can print full, edge-to-edge colour cards in one printing process.

The ZC10L gives you freedom to customise, eliminate hassle and reduce waste. Furthermore, it doesn’t require partially pre-printed cards and it is possible to customize the backside of cards with guest instructions or “fine-print” content, and print it using Zebra’s monochrome black ribbon.

Key Features:

  • 200 card (24 mil) capacity feeder
  • Card format 140 x 88 mm
  • 70 card capacity output hopper
  • Multi-status LED operator display
  • 300 dpi print resolution
  • 2 year / 20,000 card warranty on printer

Ideal for:

  • Producing custom, oversized badges
  • Sporting event and concert tickets/passes
  • Special event and festival badges/passes on the spot in full colour

Best for Extended Guest and VIP Badges


Based on an established colour sublimation card printer the CX ECP XT can print extra long ID cards suitable for guest and VIP badges.

The professionals choice for high class and VIP purposes, where longer cards are required, the CX ECP XT prints event cards quietly, quickly and with ease. The CX ECP XT also comes with the option to embed the extended event cards with either RFID transponders.


  • 300dpi
  • 180 full colour cards per hour
  • 1,400 monochrome cards per hour
  • Prints on cards 54 x 86mm to 54 x 140mm
  • Contactless encoding options available
  • Wide range of ribbon options
  • 2 years warranty

Ideal for:

  • Professional design and creation of extra-long passes/tickets and vouchers for major sport or music events.
  • Those looking to benefit from cheap printing costs

Best Inkjet Event Badge Printer

Swiftcolor SCC-4000D

The Dye based ink used by the Swiftcolor SCC-4000D makes it possible to print your event and accreditation badges on Swiftcolour Paper and PVC cards.

The oversized event and accreditation ID Card Printer features a single pass printhead technology and produces 1200dpi.

Key Features:

  • Prints oversized ID cards (90 x 140mm) in under 2 seconds
  • Capable of printing on a range of different sized ID cards
  • No pre-printing required
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Ideal for:

  • Those looking to print on demand , high speed and high quality
  • Oversized badges for tradeshows, large events and concerts
  • Major sports and stadium special events

Why choose cards-x?  

cards-x has over 20 years of experience in Event and Accreditation solutions. From extensive online accreditation software to customised card printers, cards-x have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right support and guidance for your event.  For more information please contact our sales team at info@cards-x.co.uk. 

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