What are the benefits of delegating your event accreditation to the experts?

What are the benefits of delegating your event accreditation to the experts?

With over 10 years of event accreditation experience cards-x have worked with large scale sporting and public events to small, localised tournaments and exclusive gatherings. When accreditation is not done well it can take up too much of your time, eat too much into your budget and burden additional resources. With the right solutions and processes in place your accreditation solution can be efficient, smart and cost effective.

So why should your accreditation solution be left to the experts?

1. Safety and Security

Sadly the increase in terrorist attacks and security breaches at events and public gatherings is becoming more of a threat. With the announcement in the UK of the Protect Duty (Martyn’s Law) drafted this year (2023) it is key that all public areas ‘prioritise, consider and apply consistent security processes across publicly accessible locations’.
By working with an accreditation expert you can ensure the correct roles, zones and access passes are issued, as well as having the confidence in knowing the quality of data is accurate and compatible with the appropriate access control solutions for your event. In the unfortunate case of an incident taking place the access control system can not only provide an update of who is in which zone but also allow freedom to manage visitors and staff dependant on risk areas. Without a connected and reliable solution this quality of people management wouldn’t be possible.

2. Effective Implementation Coordination

Every event is not the same! Accreditation experts have installed and coordinated a number of event accreditation systems and as such have seen and found the solutions to a number of ‘challenges’ that cropped up along the way! Quite often ‘problems’ do occur and can sometimes be costly learning curves! By working with an expert their knowledge, experience and connections can save your event time and money as well as not leaning on additional internal resources on the run up to an event.

3. Cohesive Visitor Management System

As touched on above a cohesive visitor management system allows you to know who is always and everywhere on site. This can include service providers as well as guests. By using an accreditation expert they provide the knowledge and experience that guarantees the correct solutions are chosen and installed to guarantee a robust and reliable visitor management and accreditation system is in place.

4. Positive Customer/Visitor Experience

At the end of the day the key outcome of any event is a positive customer/visitor experience. A system that worked and was reliable! When systems aren’t connected well or all the dots aren’t joint it leaves a window for errors and potential system failures. By creating a cohesive and well installed solution you can create a seamless, smooth visitor management system that is configured to each guest and ensures that each person on site has the relevant access and controls to keep them and others safe. When events are a success it provides a positive standard for all future events that take place. The larger the event the greater the need for an efficient accreditation solution.


Accreditation Experts are experts for a reason and we would always strongly recommend any event over 100 visitors looks to work with a team of experts when installing an effective event accreditation solution. If you would like to discuss your upcoming event further or looking to explore new accreditation processes and solutions for your venue please contact cards-x.

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