Standalone Matica MC-L Card Laminator | Single Sided (Upper Cassette & Input Hopper) | PR00604095

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What can the MC-L lamination printer achieve? 

Easy to install and use, the MC-L laminating module is also super fast, laminating both sides of the card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous double-sided laminating printing process. The inline version can be easily connected to the Matica MC660 high-resolution retransfer card printer thanks to the connection plate included with the laminating unit.  

The MC-L lamination printer comes in two versions: an in-line model connected to the MATICA MC660 printer, and a standalone model with an external input hopper. Both versions offer increased security through heat seal film, which can include transparent or holographic visual security elements. Matica offers a variety of stains and films, including custom and generic holographic foils, to protect against tampering. The laminated cards are ideal for government certifications, organizations with high security requirements, and everyday secure documents like driver's licenses.

The durability of laminated cards is greatly enhanced through the use of MC-L by Matica. The improved mechanical and UV resistance of this lamination material extends the life of resident cards, corporate physical access cards, and campus cards for students and academic staff, which are frequently used and exposed to sunlight and temperature changes. By utilizing this lamination material, you can both prolong the life of the card and give it a polished, professional appearance.

Both models, inline and standalone, are available in three different configurations: single-sided lower cassette, single-sided upper cassette and double-sided for greater flexibility.

Compatible with the  MC660. retransfer card printer

Standalone Matica MC-L Card Laminator | Single Sided (Upper Cassette & Input Hopper) | PR00604095

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Matica MC-L Card Laminator


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