Access Control Readers

Cards-x offer a range of access control readers, including, access control card readers for proximity and magnetic stripe cards, as well as keypad readers and biometric readers. Offering a wide range of CDVI, Kantech, HID, Paxton and AA Prox.

What is an Access Control Reader?

An access control reader ‘reads’ the data presented and cross checks it with the access control software database to see if the data is compatible with that door. The door will then either open or remain closed depending on the outcome.

The most common access control readers are those which read access control cards. These can be proximity cards, contact cards or magnetic stripe card readers.

However, access control readers can come in the form of a keypad which works by typing in the correct code to gain access or a biometric reader which works by your fingerprint or facial recognition.

For more secure buildings some require a two-factor authentication reader. The most common is a keypad and RFID card.

Which are the best Access Control Card Readers?

The best access control card readers depends on your requirements and the system you have in place. Paxton and HID are the most commonly recognised brands when it comes to the access control market. Both brands offer a wide range of access control card readers, as well as biometric readers and two-factor authentication readers.

CDVI Access Control Card Readers are less known when compared to Paxton and HID, but offer the same quality and come in a range of stylish and robust designs suitable for use both indoor and outdoor. Offering Proximity Readers, MIFARE® Readers and MIFARE® DESFire® readers with easy installation and no complicated programming required.

Why choose cards-x?

cards-x (UK) works with some of the best Access Control System manufacturers in the industry and ensure that all our products meet our expected standard. If you would like any further information about any of our access control solutions please contact our friendly team.

Here’s a few more reasons why our customers and partners choose us:

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