Matica launches brand new security ribbon

Matica launches brand new security ribbon

Matica Technologies introduces a brand new Security Ink Ribbon (SIR) for the new desktop ID card printers the MC660 (re-transfer) and MC310 (direct-to-card), giving you and your customers added VSE's (visual security elements) with little extra cost or hassle.

This new consumable ribbon is available as part of the chromXpert Genuine Matica consumable program launched, and is exclusively available only for the MC series of Matica's desktop products.

chromxpert by Matica

What is the Security Ribbon?

The security ribbon is a consumable which gives you built in security features on your ID cards, for no additional outlay of hardware costs. You simply swap the YMCK for the YMCKSc ribbon, and you are able to produce built in security features.

How does it work?

An additional special panel of reflective variable ink is printed onto the card body, which significantly enhances the card’s security, while also reducing the effort and time it usually takes to verify its authenticity. This is down to its self-sufficiency since external devices such as magnifying glasses or UV lamps are no longer required. You will be able to visually see the security print using the naked eye.

What security features can I print?

The security consumable allows you to print both variable and static text, logos and images. The below image shows you a good example of what can be achieved. The security consumable has two built in security features.

YMCKSc Ribbon

Why would I use the Security Ribbon instead of other security features?

The security ribbon has been introduced as a cost effective way of adding additional security features to your ID cards, should you not be able to afford alternatives such as card laminators and lamination films. If you decide further down the line that you would prefer a more in depth security method on your cards, you can simply switch and upgrade.

The security ribbon only offers you level-1 security, but for some this is more than they are currently offering their customers.

It gives you and your customers more security options to choose from, dependent on the budget available from the end customer.

What card printers is it available on?

The security ribbon is available on on the following ID card printers.

Where can I buy the products?

Click the below links to view the security consumable and hardware on our website.

Security Ribbon

MC660 Retransfer Printer

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