• Elegant Engineering, Push-Button Simplicity


    No matter what type of card users need to print—from identity and access to membership, event, and credit/debit cards—the ZC300 series card printers will help them do it better, faster and easier. The elegant engineering of the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers eliminates virtually all pain points associated with card printing. The result is push-button simplicity no matter what users are printing: single or dual-sided magnetic stripe or contactless cards, in color or black and white. With a ground-breaking fits-everywhere design, customers can get secure card printing wherever they need it.


    When customers need even more, the ZC350 delivers the fastest print speed and advanced printing options that allow them to create virtually any card design. With support for just about every encoding technology, users can create just about any type of card—credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes and more.


    The ZC300 series: the card printers that deliver it all.


    The primary markets for the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers are:

    • Access control
    • Education
    • Retail/hospitality
    • Financial services


    Key applications include:

    General Access Control

    • Employee badges
    • Education
    • Access control cards for identification and facility access for K-12 and higher education campuses



    • Membership cards
    • Events and season passes
    • Guest/passenger cards
    • Food safety labeling


    Financial Services

    • Credit cards
    • Debit cards


    Card printing plays an important role in your business. You want a card printer that can print virtually any type of card with blazing speed, while minimizing the impact on your operational efficiency and workforce productivity — a card printer that’s flexible, secure, easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage. You can have it all with the ZC350.


    You get comprehensive card printing options. Print single or dual-sided cards in color or black and white, with specialty ribbons that offer special effects that will impress card recipients and make your cards hard to counterfeit. For example, add color-shifting graphics with a new pearlescent ribbon. Use 3D effects to make logos and text stand out with a new metallic ribbon. Add a watermark for simple elegance or additional counterfeit protection. Or add a highly durable protective layer to create cards that can last for years. Comprehensive encoding options allow you to easily create cards for any type of transaction — contact, contactless or magnetic stripe. And with fast printing, workers spend less time printing and more time on more crucial tasks — and customers spend less time waiting for cards to print.


    You get elegant engineering for game changing simplicity. The ZC350 is plug and play, right out of the box — no configuration needed. The ingenious card feeder self-adjusts to card thickness. The new driver offers a graphical user interface that brings a new level of simplicity to managing the printing process and the look and feel of your printed cards. There is only one way the ribbon can be inserted into the printer for fool-proof ribbon changes — and with smart chips in the ribbons, you’re sure to always change ribbons before they are spent, avoiding needless printer downtime. Need to manually insert a card? The light pipe takes away any confusion, guiding users on where and how to insert the card. And with support for many diverse languages, the ZC350 is ready for deployment in any part of the world.


    The ground-breaking ‘fits everywhere’ design is right at home anywhere in your business — from offices and back rooms to customer-facing areas. The slimmest profile and lowest clearance requirements allow the ZC350 to fit practically anywhere, providing the greatest deployment flexibility — it easily fits under a shelf and in other space constrained areas where other printers just can’t fit. Security features enable no-risk card printing in public-facing spaces, from a printer cover lock that prevents the theft of card stock and printed cards, government grade encryption to protect the most sensitive data and printer-to-host authentication to prevent unauthorized applications or mobile devices from printing cards.


    And with Link-OS for Card inside, Zebra’s powerful printer operating system, you also get Print DNA, a family of printer software applications that puts the ZC350 in a class of its own by making it easier that ever to integrate card printing into your apps, design cards and support your ZC350 card printers.


    The ZC350 Series — the card printer that delivers it all.


    Zebra ZC350 ID Card Printer (USB & Ethernet)

    SKU: ZC35-000C000EM00
      • Employee Badges
      • Education Facility Access Badges
      • Events and Season Passes
      • Food Safety Labeling
      • Education Identification Badges
      • Membership Cards
      • Guest and Passenger Cards
      • Bank Cards

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